Tuesday, February 10, 2009

how to know if your brother really loves you. in one easy lesson.

The cast of characters:

1. Go four-wheeling (even though you've never been before). And go ahead. Take your little brother too. Cuz you're nice like that.

2. Have a misunderstanding with a tree. As you fly through the air, wonder how it came to pass you were convinced to go four-wheeling.

3. Tell said little brother that you can't feel your leg. Watch closely his reaction.

4. If he: sprints a half mile to get help. In his barefeet. Because his shoes were lost in mid air.

Only to realize he's hurt as badly as you......
5. Now you know. For sure.
Just in case you ever wonder.
Class dismissed.


Cheryl said...

wow! it sounds like they had quite the adventure! I pray everyone is doing well and heals quickly!

A Dusty Frame said...

aww! I'm glad they're doing ok ((hugs))


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