Friday, March 20, 2009

wherein I met my neighbor...

I have been reading the posts over at Hey look, a chicken. Katdish cracks me up!

So, anyway she challenged us all to meet our neighbor...our blog neighbor, that is, and leave them a little comment encouragement. You can read Katdish's full post here, but this is the condensed version: If you have a blogger account go to the top of your page and click "Next Blog." Presto chango- meet your "neighbor." You can do it every day and have a new neighbor each time. You are allowed to skip a blog if it's in another language or too "freaky-deeky" for you, as Katdish says :)

The day I tried it, my neighbor was Southern Jewel's Princess Diaries. Mercy. This little girl could not be more precious! She's 10. She's doing a blog for homeschool to practice her writing skills. On that day she was introducing her family and friends and her post was filled with all manner of cuteness.

After all the pictures and descriptions she writes this: My favorite friend is God. Wow! Not only is the child completely adorable, she can bring it. A serious Good Word from Southern Jewel Princess.

So try meeting your blog neighbor. You might just be blessed...I sure was!

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Cheryl said...

what a great idea!


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