Sunday, January 10, 2010


Just look at the pretty treasury I found myself in: 


And this one too!


Treasuries are an interesting part of having an Etsy shop.  They help a shop owner gain exposure for their products.  Each treasury also has the potential to make it to the “front page” of Etsy.  Which is cause for much elation and happy dancing.  Front page shops have an exponentially increased amount of traffic and sales! 

When a treasury becomes “hot” it has a much better shot at the front page.  Hotness happens in 3 ways: Views, clicks, and comments.  I’m sure there is a top secret formula for figuring it all out, but basically the more unique views and comments a treasury has, the hotter it becomes.  Also very important is clicking on each item picture in the treasury.

So if you have time, please go give them some click and comment love here and here.  Maybe one of these will be my first front page treasury :)

1 comment:

Jane In The Jungle said...

You really are doing good with the treasurys. I love all the new Valentines things you've added to your shop, was visiting today!


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