Monday, August 23, 2010


Recently a member of my Etsy team -  the SHE Team -contacted me. 
She had seen a photo on my blog.  And wanted to know if she could make a copy of it. 
This was just an ordinary photo.  Snapped on the way to the car.  Of simple and sweet daisies. 
And… I wouldn’t have thought twice about it!
BUT.  Misty from Scrapalooza had a vision of enlarging them to use as art on the wall of her craft room: 

WoW!  They look so great, Misty!  You’ve inspired me to look at ordinary photos in a whole new way  R
You’ll want to visit Misty’s BLOG for more crafty inspiration and her ETSY SHOP, too!  u

1 comment:

Andrea Dekker said...

Great idea. I'm often guilty of taking lots of pictures and just leaving them on my camera or computer!! This could be a fun incentive to actually print a few of my pictures...imagine that!


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