Sunday, July 10, 2011

the Rockies

We still love them…

even when they lose – like, A LOT…

even when so many players are injured…

even when we vote approximately 17,386 times for Todd Helton to be on the All Star team..

and he doesn’t win.

even when we get the rare chance to attend a game. . . and.they.LOSE :)

My boys are so silly… never a quiet dull moment with those two! 


Two of my girls… don’t my daughter-in-law and daughter look a lot alike?!?

All together now:



rachel said...

Love the pics~they look like they have alot of fun ~ even if they lose alot! lol

Tanya@takesix said...

Wow, they sure do look alike!! Amazing!!

I got a grapevine wreath, and some clay pots to duplicate your awesome wreath from a previous post. Thanks for emailing me the particulars. Now I just need to get at the job!!! ;0)

Anonymous said...

I look pretty stinkin handsome if i do say so myself! Because i clearly am the handsomer of the two brothers. It looks like matty patty has finally caught up to his older brother. Sad day for me:( Bee and sara look amzing in their rocks jerseys.

Anonymous said...

Just ignore that comment by my older brother up there he probably drank to much mountain dew again because clearly i am the handsomer son and most athletic and just clearly awesomest and there is many more but then i would just be gloating.


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