Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Gray and Orange Tractor Blanket

Did you know that I take custom orders for both my Etsy shops? 

Just finished making a custom blanket for a certain sweet nephew…


His auntie wanted a gray, orange and white colorway with a tractor….


I’ve never crocheted a tractor before and it took a few tries to get a pattern worked out. 


I have to say I LOVE these colors together!


So convo me if you would like a custom item from one of my shops… PuddinToes or thePrairieCottage  :)


Jnette58 said...

This blanket is adorable! Do you share patterns?

Samantha Fenstemaker said...

Hi! Do you sell/share your patterns? I would love to make this for my nephew. It is so cute!

Shelley said...

I actually don't use a pattern for this blanket. Its a square granny square blanket and there are many patterns available on Etsy and
For the tractor, the client sent me a photo of their actual tractor. I used this photo for my guide... crochet a little, take out a little, crochet again until I ended up with something that resembled their tractor :)


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