Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Very Verdant Urban Eden

I am one of those people who seemingly never wins anything. 

Never.  Anything.  

Until recently.

Now I am one of those people who win blog giveaways.  Not just one, mind you.  TWO! 

And the goodies I got couldn’t be more completely wonderful!

VeryVerdant hosted a blog giveaway for one of her beautiful and useful pencil cases.  And not only that.  A matching key fob too!  
Aren’t they purdy?!  I adore the fabric and colors!  But look closer.  I don’t use my case for pencils…
April 143

It’s the perfect size for toting my crochet hooks to Matthew’s baseball games and practices.  My hands like to keep busy, if I have to spend very much time waiting.  
April 144
And look at the back:

The cutest pocket ever is the perfect size for my little scissors.

Thank you Very Verdant! It’s so PERFECT! 

Blog giveaway #2 was through the SAFE (soap artisan friends on Etsy) Team.  They had a fun contest that involved gorgeous soaps and poetry. 

Even though they were all so fabulous, UrbanEden was the winner.  And through some process that remains a mystery to me, I won a bar of handmade soap from Urban Eden’s Etsy shop!  Woot!

First, I went ahead and ordered a wood soap dish from her shop.  Cuz I’ve been wanting one for ever so long: 

il_430xN_138718719 I love it!

But back to the soap.

Mercy.  Just look at this gorgeous thing: 

I call it Beautiful.  But it’s real name is Secret Garden soap with organic shea butter

Either way. 

This soap is divine

So all in all, I’m feeling very lucky blessed lately. 

And spoiled. 

If you need me, I’ll be here.  Pretending to be Princess of Quite A Lot.  i


Bevy said...

Good for you!! I never win anything, either...

I love the idea you did with the pencil case... so perfect for you.
And as much as I love the "idea" of homemade soaps... I haven't ever really used them. It's like they're too charming to use, you know? Silly me. I am certainly inspired...

Shelley said...

Hi Bevy, I hope you do try handmade soap. You'll be hooked! It's so creamy and makes your skin so soft. Plus. They're so much prettier than store bought :)

UrbanEden said...

Awww, Shelley, it was so sweet of you to blog your winnings. What a lovely way to pay it forward. Thank you! It brings a smile to my face to know you're this happy with your winnings :) -- Laura

Very Verdant said...

I love the way you used your pencil case, making it perfect for you. Thanks for sharing.

Angel Scents said...

Good for you!! You deserved to win. Enjoy your lovely items!!!



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