Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wherein I become a mad scientist

Awhile back, I found this awesome post from My Purple Brick Road on how to make compost tea for your indoor plants. 
Oh, so timely was her post.  The winter.  It was long.  Snow.  There was a.lot.of.it.  The spring.  It forgot to come and melt the snow. 
Staying inside, instead of trekking through our winter spring wonderland to the compost bin?  I was all in, baby. 
And thus began my foray into the world of indoor compost experiments.  Which really wasn’t a full on experiment.  Or scientifically sound.  But it did make my kids roll their eyes. 
For the full instructions, hop over to My Purple Brick Road.  She splains it real good. 
Here’s my jar, about halfway through the week.  Doesn’t it look all dark and mysterious-like? 
April 176
I included the paper coffee filter and some tea bags, but otherwise proceeded according to the directions on her blog. 
When the week was up and it was time to test the tea,  I was, um, a little afraid of what it would *smell* like.  I mean, sitting on the counter all week at room temperature does not bode well for the fragrance department. 
So I removed the lid with proper fear and trepidation. 
Which, as it turns out, was totally unnecessary.  It smells just like straight-from-the-store potting soil.  My very own homemade Miracle Grow
After straining, I mixed mine 50:50 with water, so there would be enough for each plant to have a taste.  Now at week 6, they are thriving and healthy 6 
And I’m loving making it inside.  At least until the warm weather finally arrives.  (Please hurry).  


Melissa said...

I've thought about trying this, but I'd be worried that the jar would explode or something! Maybe I'll give it a try; thanks for the link.

Lori @ Couponomic Stimulus Package said...

What a great idea! I will be trying this today. I would love it if you would link this up to my Tuesday's Tips: http://www.couponomicstimuluspackage.com/2010/04/gathering-coupons-for-shopping.html

Julie Bagamary said...

Thanks for the great tip. I plan to try it.

the momma said...

I love this idea!!! i am DEFINITELY going to try this! (I'm so tired of a pile of banana peels and apple cores sitting on the edge of the kitchen counter waiting to go to the compost pile!!!)
Thanks for visiting my blog!


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