Sunday, August 7, 2011

115th Daddy of ‘em All

Frontier Days has been over for a week now. . . and I finally have some photos! 

We spent most of the week putting on a new porch and didn’t get to as many events as we usually do.

Lacey and I did make it to the one of the free pancake breakfasts… the first time we’ve had less than 5 of us there!


And it was so crowded this year!  The day we were there, over 12,000 people were served free pancakes and ham.  The line snaked back and forth for 6 blocks. . .  These are the lucky people who made it to the front of the line.  We were so thankful we got there early!


A live band, straw bales, plank benches and best of all - free food! 


Clearly, I possess neither the camera nor the skills necessary to capture the Air Force Thunderbirds in action.   They’re moving kinda fast!!  



We met the cutest little girl who was visiting from San Diego and provided running commentary of the performance.  Adorable!   About halfway through their maneuvers, she informed us that the Thunderbirds are much sneakier than the Navy Blue Angels.  And the Blue Angels would never make THAT much noise.  Cuz they don’t want to scare the children. . .  I think it was a little louder than she expected  :)

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