Friday, December 16, 2011

the Mighty One Christmas wall art

So.  I wanted to make a collage art piece, using this verse: 

dec16 014

Only here’s the thing.  I had a general idea of how I wanted it to end up, but not a clue how to get from idea to finished painting…

Started with a board and used gel medium to glue old phone book pages all over the top and sides of the board:

dec16 003

After it dried, painted it with gesso and added some shading around the edges with brown:

  dec16 005

When I got to the actual painting part, I realized, hey, I have NO idea how best to go about this.

And thus ensued a massive amount of trial and error. 

At which point I decided it would be best to leave the art tutorials to the um, actual artsy type peoples of the world.

So just picture lots of:  a) painting and b) repainting… mmkay?

Anyway.  This is how it ended up:

dec16 008

dec16 012

dec16 013

dec16 014

It was fun trying something new and I will give it another shot sometime :)

Merry Christmas!


Rebecca said...

This is beautiful! Just beautiful.

aniC said...

Love it, love the verse. Turned out way better than the collage art that I did, but wasn't planning to do. haha

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

This is so beautiful and perfect Shelley.
I'd love it if you could link this up at my Christmas Inspiration party at

Sondra said...

I LOVE this painting, it is beautiful!

Jennifer @Miss Maggie's Place said...

Very pretty. :)

Jodi@ said...

LOVE THIS! I love doing collage art.

your font is cool and I love the colors. very, very cool!

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Wow... this is so beautiful! What a precious Christmas art piece. I love what Mary is wearing... it is so pretty! :)


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