Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Words for my grandson…

Jacob Leroy:

For the Lord has chosen Jacob to be his own.

Israel to be his treasured possession.  

Psalm 135:4

Jacob Leroy

This is my new grandbaby, Jacob Leroy!

Isn’t he so, so sweet?!

Jacob Leroy June 2013

I really love the meaning of names and found that his name means:

Jacob = To track or follow
Leroy =  King

Jacob - June 2013

In the Bible, Jacob was one of the most important men in the old testament. 

He was the youngest son of Isaac and Rebecca, the twin brother of Esau and husband of both Leah and Rachel. 

God later changed Jacob’s name to Israel and the twelve tribes of Israel evolved from his twelve sons!

Awww... Jacob Leroy,  June 2013

Jacob Leroy,
May you always follow the True King and seek His presence. 
May you forever walk in the sunshine of Jesus love. 
And may your life always be filled with joy, wonder and laughter...

Sara, Jared and Jacob - June 2013

“No misfortune is seen in Jacob.  The Lord his God is with him.  Numbers 23:21

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Very Verdant said...

First of all, Congratulations.

Such a beautiful post and such sweet words of blessing for your new little grandson.


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