Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Newspaper Seed Starting Pots

If you plan to start vegetable or flower seeds indoors, there is no need to buy plastic or peat pots at the store.  You can make your own pots out of black and white newspaper.  They’re not only a great way to recycle a few newspapers… they save money, too! 
What you need: 
 1March1 073 Black and white newspaper, scissors and a bottle, can or jar.  Use a small bottle for seed starting or a larger one to make pots for transplanting seedlings.  
 1March1 076
Use your bottle to measure how wide to cut the strips of newspaper.  I like to cut several layers at once to save time.  The paper strips should overhang the bottom of the jar. 
 1March1 077 Roll and wrap the paper around the bottle. 
 1March1 079
Tuck and fold the bottom edges against the bottom of the bottle.  Press the bottle on your work surface to crease the folds. 
 1March1 081 Remove the bottle from your pot and fold the top down all the way around once or twice, depending on how tall you want the pots to be. 
Voila! Your first newspaper pot!  Fill with soil and you’re all set to start some seeds.   No need to remove the paper before transplanting into the garden.  The pot will decompose rapidly just like a peat pot. 
1March1 084
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odstbuckman9 said...

I've been planning to take a stab at starting seedlings, and this sounds like a great way to do it! Thanks for the I know at least one project I'll be playing with tomorrow, LOL!

Mom2fur said...

Okay, I'm not odstbuckman9--that must be my son's ID. Something to do with the game Halo. I seriously doubt he has any interest in gardening--except eating the stuff! (When I can actually get anything to grow.)

Melody :-) said...

Hi Shelley! Thanks for visiting me @ Big Doll's Boomtown. I love the idea of homemade peat pots to make seed starting easier and I may just have to try it this year. Goodness knows, my yard is LONG overdue for some color!

Susan - said...

Perfect - easy and I have all the supplies already - just what I needed. Thanks

Jennifer said...

Great idea, thanks. I needed to come up with something to start my seeds in and this will help.

The Chocolate dog Life said...

Great article, Will definately do this. thanks for showing us how to do it.


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