Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Signs of….. spring?


signs of spring at the prairie cottage

I’m enjoying seeing many of your garden updates this spring! So far there is not much to report here on the high plains…

Snowy pine trees:

 snowy pine tree April 2013

Daffodils right before the first 10 inches of snow (they may or may not have made a slight miscalculation in when to appear :)

daffodils in the snow April 2013

This buried birdhouse is almost 3 feet tall…

buried birdhouses

And this, THIS is a raised bed – somewhere under there:

the raised beds are under here somewhere

We have been blessed with 32 inches of snow {so far} in April 2013… 

While April is our wettest month and we do tend to get some snow along with the rain…. it is usually a LOT warmer in April, in spite of the snow.

This was on my computer a week ago. Notice the {{minus}} before the wind chill. Brrr!!


Oh, and the 40 degrees on Thursday? Got my hopes up, but it. never. happened.

Today we have a  winter storm warning for the next 24 hours, with 6-12 inches more snow expected!

Here are a couple things I’m wishing for considering for the garden (if it every stops snowing)!

For obvious reasons, I would love to have this greenhouse. Or really any greenhouse-type structure…

15 x 7 greenhouse

This pretty thing would be so much easier than the hoop houses I use now!

Has anyone ever tried this Fiskar weeder? It looks so ingenious, but do they really work?

Fiskars uproot lawn and garden weeder

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