Thursday, July 16, 2009

July Challenge

The SHE team monthly challenge theme for July is summer melons! I had a lot of fun making melon related items for the challenge:

Watermelon placemats in a set of 4 from PrairieCottageRose.

Matching watermelon coasters for PrairieCottageRose.

And for Puddintoes, this soft melon/lemon baby blankie with a flower applique.
Look for other great melon inspired items by using SHEteammelonscha in Etsy handmade search!

Now here is where I need the help of all my muses out there! The theme for August is 'Back to School' and I don't have a single idea. Nope. Nothing. So if you have a great idea for a rag quilt, crochet or primitive folkart project for the back to school theme, please leave me a comment. If I choose your idea you will receive 10% off in the shop the item is listed in!

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gail-ew said...

Hi Shelley ! Here are few ideas that fell out my head today..........a cell phone case. every kid could use a cool cell phone case to show off to friends (and as a reminder for him or her to call home every time they reach for the phone ;-) about a homemade backpack ? Ok, so this is getting a bit more complicated / tricky here, but it's another good excuse to get the children to remember their school stuff. Finally, i am submitting for your consideration.......a dog leash. Yep, that's right. a pet leash. just because the kids are heading back to school soon, doesn't mean they get to slide on the daily dog walks. Why not have the kids and fido go out in style ? Gail, Orange, CA


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