Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Recycled Shipping Boxes

I first saw this tip on the Carol Duvall show. (I love her)!   It’s very frugal and a great way to upcycle.   I used cereal boxes to demonstrate, but this method works for any size box.   
October 005

Here’s what you’ll need: 
Clean used boxes.
White or craft glue.
Clamps or clothespins.

  October 006
Step 1:  Find the flap on the inside where they seamed the box together.  Slide your finger or a letter opener along the seam to open the box.

October 007

Step 2:  At each of the previous folds in the box, refold and crease it in the opposite direction. 

October 008

 Spread glue on the original seam of the box.  Don’t worry if it looks messy.  The flap will cover it :)

October 011
Fold the flap to cover the glue and use your clamps or clothespins to hold it until the glue dries.  I have a stack in the background already glued and finished. 
Pop it back into a box shape and refold the tabs. Voila! The outside now looks like a brand new box and the the pretty graphics are on the inside.  Cereal and cracker boxes are perfect for small items or photos that normally would be shipped in a manila envelope. The cardboard is much sturdier in the mail.  Use the same steps are for any size of box.   
Now go forth and upcycle your boxes this Christmas!
Find more tips and ideas at Works For Me Wednesday


Bevy said...

Love it!! I knew there was something that could be done... just didn't take the time (yet) to sit and figure it out. Thanks, much!!

With having my own Etsy - I was thinking about more creative ways of shipping (we have been using those boring USPS boxes)- Maybe you know, this answer? Are you till allowed to use brown mailing paper to cover boxes and then just for "pretty" use string to tie around the package as they would have "back in the day"?

Anybody know?? email me...

Kay said...

I love that... you could even do Mod Podge on the outside or just about anything.

S & G Hulett said...

the only boxes you can't recycle are USPS Priority boxes. They will charge you for the Priority shipping if they find out.

Shelley said...

Good point, SGHulett! I forgot to mention that.

And yes, it gives you a clean slate to mod podge or use some of fancy stamps and stamp them pretty! Stickers are awesome, too. I also like to use pretty scrapbook paper for the address label.

Jen - Balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

oh yes - this is a great idea and perfect for WFMW. :)

Jane In The Jungle said...

That is awesome!!!! We have tons of cereal boxes and I'm always looking for mailing boxes, Thanks for sharing!!


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