Saturday, June 29, 2013

Weekend Links


How to see clutter






   How to see hidden clutter…







Reclaimed curtain rod tutorial




  Reclaimed curtain rod tutorial…






Picket fence planter via clover house






  Picket fence planter…







Aloha BBQ Sliders | burger recipe at






  Aloha burger recipe…







natural weed killing solution from the creek line house






   Natural weed killing solution…

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Weekend Links


Beef up your baseboards by Love Pomegranate House
How to beef up your baseboards for cheap by Love Pomegranate House

Vintage patriotic d├ęcor by the Golden Sycamore.
Vintage Patriotic Decor from the Golden Sycamore


DIY chalkboard by the Girl Creative
DIY striped summer chalkboard by the Girl Creative

Friday, June 7, 2013

Clay Pot Wreath

 the Prairie Cottage : Clay Pot Wreath

I saw this wreath over at Cherry Hill Cottage awhile back.  SO cute!!

It took a very LONG time to collect enough clay pots, though!

Simple to make… clay pots individually wired to a grapevine wreath. 

A few notes –

Even with sales and 40% coupons the pots were around $30…. a lot more than I usually pay for wreath supplies.  It would definitely be cheaper to hunt for them at thrift stores and garage sales instead. 

(If you’re more patient than me).

This wreath is HEAVY!!  It weighs much more than I imagined!  So plan to have sturdy hanging supplies available. 

You may need a few extra clay pots to replace any that are broken, say, by an errant baseball ;) 

Clay pot summer wreath from the prairie cottage

This post explains how the pots are wired to the wreath.

Using coffee to correct PH for blueberries


Coffee 'tea' for blueberries... thePrairieCottage

We are not supposed to be able to grow blueberries here.  Blueberries ideally like a PH of around 4.5- 5.0 and our native soil is close to PH of 8.0!

Even my amended garden soil hovers slightly under 7.0. 

Yet they still sell blueberry plants at the nurseries and big box stores in our area. Go figure!

I cannot seem to help buying them {ha!} and now have 3 blueberry plants, varying from 2-3 years old.

Here’s how I grow them in our alkaline soil:  When digging a hole for the plant, I dig it larger than necessary and remove all the soil from the hole, to be used elsewhere.  In place of the native soil I use a mix of about 75% moistened peat moss and 25% compost. 

And every 3-4 weeks I water the plants with coffee “tea.”

It’s just a packet of the icky ground coffee they sell at the dollar store, mixed with about 4 gallons of water, in a 5 gallon bucket.  It sits in the sun to brew for a few hours or up to a day, if the weather is cool.

Using coffee 'tea' to correct PH for blueberries... thePrairieCottage

Some leaves/twigs/whathaveyou always make their way into the brew, but I don’t worry about those :)

When the “tea” turns dark and rich in color, I just give it a stir and give each plant a drink – grounds and all.

Happy blueberries | Using coffee to acidify soil | the Prairie Cottage

So far they have produced only a few berries, but I’m okay with that.  The plants are so pretty!  I consider it a small miracle that they return each spring and any blueberries that come along will be a huge BONUS!

If you have slightly better growing conditions for blueberries, I think coffee tea would be even more beneficial.  Let me know if you try it!

Have a blessed weekend!



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