Monday, August 31, 2009

What I've been making...

Not your granny's "granny." A new, more modern twist on the traditional granny square. I made it for a gift and the recipient picked out the bright colors. They look great together! It's really big, though! Each square is almost 12 inches and it kept me busy for the first half of summer.
Next up, Miss Skyleigh's mom requested a crochet blanket for baby girl's 1st birthday. In chocolate and lavender, no less. That girl has taste.

The search was on for a new and different pattern to use for her blankie. When I saw this daisy square I was in love. Well, as much as you can love a pattern. Because people. It has daisies! You know how I love my flowers... I just had to try it.
Then I got the pattern. Forty years of crocheting did nothing to prepare me and I almost. gave. up. Three (!) strands of yarn that must be kept in front, working in front of work and back, stitch markers everywhere. Profusions of yarn strands, markers, loops and near catastrophe loomed. There ensued much weeping and gnashing of teeth.
The persistence. It pays off in the end. And I LOVE it again!
Another variation of a granny square. What do you think?

The birthday girl liked it too. It was totally worth it:)
This pattern for Daisy Charity Square is available from KrochetKrystal. To get the pattern, you need to join her yahoo group. The pattern will then be accessible and is free, but you must crochet a daisy square and send it to her to be added to one of her charity blankets.
Come on. Be brave and give it a try!


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