Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fall’s call

September 104
Summer is short here. 
So short, people here say we only have 2 seasons: 
1) Winter and 2) It Feels Like Winter
Or, more appropriately,
1) Winter and 2) Road Construction
As such, we really don’t have much “fall” to speak of.
It just gets a little colder than it already has been.  All the pretty green flowers, gardens and trees succumb to frost.
And every morsel of weather that is non winter related is cherished and DELIGHTFUL. 
The extreme cold cooler temperatures and the mountains many feet of snow will be here soon enough.  Perhaps even tomorrow.  REALLY. I’MNOTKIDDING. 
Oh, and don’t forget the incessant gale force entity known simply as THEWIND. 
To sum up- the weather here is LOVELY.   Please come visit any time. 
A primitive light box is fun and cheerful in any season.  Here’s how I make mine: 
Start with an old sewing drawer. 
September 105
If you don’t happen to have a sewing drawer, use whatever you have on hand…. an old tin, sifter, colander or you can even paint a paper mache box to match your theme.  It’ll look great no matter what you use!
Cut a piece of Styrofoam or florist foam to fit inside.  To fill the sewing drawer, I used fabric pumpkins, fall berries, pine greenery and a fall star. 

I used a twig from a lilac bush for the stem and used my primitive grunging recipe to coffee stain and scent them.  They smell SO good!
The star is made from muslin with a pretty scrap of fall fabric whip stitched on top.  It’s also stained and scented.  September 101
I insert small sticks or dowel pieces into the stuffed pumpkins and stars… then stick them into the florist foam.  The berries and greenery have their own stems. 
Tuck in a strand of twinkle lights.   September 100
And finish with a strip of fabric tied in a bow. 
September 104
I use mine with a timer – to come on at dusk and turn off at bedtime.  I love to change the theme and have a twinkly primitive box all year.f

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Bevy said...

This is really, really sweet.

I loved your post title. Just caught my fancy.

The whole post was/is charming... and Lord, I hope you don't get snow - yet. ;) Are you serious??

this blessed nest said...

scented stuffed pumpkins??? sounds heavenly!

and coffee scent to boot. oh my!great display of your fall pretties.
i can't help but ask what state do you live in that is so cold?
a dear friend from high school & i just reconnected via FB. she lives in montana & is already experiencing 38* nights. i was in shock.

enjoy this season to the fullest! thanks for linking up to the FALL FESTIVAL! hope to see you next week.


Amy @ Keep'n The SunnySide said...

I love how your pumpkins turned out and thanks for linking back to me... its much appreciated.


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