Wednesday, September 15, 2010

swingers and climbers

Have you noticed there are two definite preferences, when it comes to playground play? 

You see.

There are swingers 

and there are climbers. 

                                Skyleigh Claire likes to swing.


DO NOT attempt to remove her from the swing.

Such efforts will be met with MUCH weeping,

wailing and

gnashing of teeth.

(She’s serious about her swinging).July 275

                  Nolan Ryan is a climberJuly 287

        and so is MatthewJuly 276

                                     Lacey Brooke, too!July 283

  Nolan tries pushing…July 284

          But it’s WAY too hard July 286

Which one is your favorite?



Ginger said...

Swings! When I taught elementary school, I looked for excuses to join my kids on the swing set! ;-0

Anonymous said...

Swings are my favorite and my grands too.~Sue~ (Suzie Utoozie)


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