Thursday, September 9, 2010

The summer of perpetual motion

July 021Spring and summer flew by this year.  Busyness from dawn to dusk - there was little time for blogging and visiting all of you!  

Reason for perpetual motion #1:  Matthew played on a traveling baseball team this year b  

And by travel, I mean their league is actually in ANOTHER STATE!   

April 038

From March through July, we were privileged to drive back and forth to Colorado and/or Nebraska.  At least 2 and sometimes 4 days a week. 

He loved every minute and gained lots of experience. 

But it SERIOUSLY stretched my time management skills! 

Such as they are. 


Plus.  Until early June, game day temps were in the low 40’s.  Minus a few thousand degrees of wind chill. 


By July, my fingers had finally thawed and I took a few pictures:

Swinging in Castle Rock       
July 012

The much feared lefty slurve pitch
July 029

Pitching at Highlands Ranch. Strike 3. Again.
Swimming between tournaments
July 018

July 025

Playing first base in front of the beautiful Rockies! July 195 
Looking forward to next season!

(Remind me of that in March, K)?


FaLL BLeSSinGs FRieNds!

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