Friday, January 7, 2011

The cake that became a quilt

Once upon a time… I happened upon THIS fantabulous cake. 
And: Instead of cake, my brain said quilt.  A rag quilt.  For Nolan’s birthday.
(He loves Spiderman)
(And Batman)
(And approximately 17,642 other super heroes whose names I never manage to keep straight)
  Nov 073
So I copied redesigned the Spiderman cake into a rag quilt appliqué.
Nov 072
And surrounded him with red and blue rag quilt squares. 
Nov 074 
I’m not going to give you a full tutorial, cuz there are lots of really good ones already out there in blog land. 
I do love some really fluffy seam allowances.  So to that end, I cut my squares much bigger than most tutorials - 9.5”, with a 1.5” seam allowance when sewing them together. 
The center square is 16” x  21.5” before sewing.
Couldn’t forget a new Spidey pillowcase made from THIS tutorial on Made  :)
Nov 077

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kate said...

great idea! i love the superhero thing!

Heidi said...

This is so awesome! I'll have to make this sometime. A little boy would love it.

Michelle@Somedaycrafts said...

That is just awesome! My son would LOVE that!

Tauni said...

How fun. I bet your son is loves his new quilt and pillowcase - I know my boys would.

Also wishing that my brain turned cakes into quilts. Not only would I probably loose some weight, but there'd be a lot more sewing going on here:)

Jen said...

That is super cute!! :)
love meeting fellow crafty people!


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