Wednesday, March 23, 2011


A couple weeks ago we made the 6 hour drive to northern Wyoming to visit my parents.  One of the towns on the way is Thermopolis.   We stopped for a little walking break and I wanted to share some photos with you.

In case you case you can’t find it, look to the hills: 1March1 017

Hot, steamy water everywhere!
1March1 023

This moss or algae or whathaveyou thrives in winter temps because of the hot water.  
1March1 009

Red hills and the suspension bridge that spans the river below.  1March1 004Far, far below. 


By the right side of the bridge, hot mineral water trickles down to the river.  The deposits it leaves behind round the edge of the cliff.    

See the wood walkway in the bottom corner?  It keeps your tootsies from getting cooked.  That would be bad. 

Very bad. 

2 clowns Lacey and Matthew posing on the suspension bridge.  Teasing me because I will not step foot on that thing.  N-o-p-e.1March1 012

Did I mention the cold, rocky river at the bottom?

(It is a long ways down).

Very far. 

Oh, and as a bonus - the bridge sways about while you’re on it

Swinging bridge + great heights + cold rocky river at the bottom =


1March1 020 Apparently, my paranoia isn’t genetic.

More steamy water and teepees to explore.1March1 008

Can you guess the air temperature amid all the steaminess?

A balmy 4. 

With emphasis on the “minus” 

Steamy below zero sunset
1March1 022


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Sue (Suzie Utoozie) said...

This is beautiful and I don't blame you for not getting on the bridge. I have been through WY a few times but I have not heard of this place.


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